Serap Aksu

Photonic biosensors, organ on chip microfluidics, nanofabrication

Physics Department, Koç University, Istanbul

Main scientific/ clinical interest: We focus on smart nanofabrication techniques that provides fast and large area manufacturing of metamaterials that works as optical biosensors. We use the designed sensors for sensing of very low number of (femtomolar level) target molecules (e.g. relevant to brain metastasis) in the visible frequencies. We also use these sensors for the surface enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy to detect and identify the organics. We combine the sensors with valve integrated microfluidic devices for automated cell and tissue handling that enables real time interrogation.

Techniques/ approaches you will contribute to RISEbrain: Micro/Nanofabrication, Metamaterials as biosensors, spectroscopy in the visible and IR frequencies, microfluidic handling of samples.

Our research so far are supported by:

EMBO Installation Grant

AXA Research Fund 

TUBITAK National Outstanding Researchers Program

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Public outreach activities

Closing women’s health inequality gaps


Nanotechnology: a portable device against cervical cancer


EMBO Installation Grant, TUBITAK National Outstanding Researchers Program


AXA research fund fellowship, ETH postdoctoral fellowship


Scientific activities

A portable device against cervical cancer


A narrow-band multi-resonant metamaterial in near-IR

Materials 13 (22), 5140

A hybrid broadband metalens operating at ultraviolet frequencies

 Scientific reports 11 (1), 2303.

Mid-infrared narrow band plasmonic perfect absorber for vibrational spectroscopy

Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 301, 111757

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