Biophotonics Laboratory, Biomedical Engineering, Koç University

Postdoc and PhD student

Motivated researchers that have interest and experience in microfluidic device generation, spectroscopy (vis and IR), cell culture and handling are welcome to contact.

Tumor niche evolution Group/ Cell-cell communication in the stem cell niche/ Georg-Speyer-Haus

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to join our international research team in Frankfurt. The successful candidate will use single cell technologies to explore the cellular and molecular drivers of local immune suppression in brain metastasis as well as carry out functional experiments using established animal models and patient-derived explant cultures, to uncover new means to overcome immune suppression and enable immune checkpoint therapy in this context. The ideal candidate should have  experience in single cell approaches and an interest in performing wet lab experiments. Previous expertise with animal models or primary human samples is desirable but not mandatory.