Reverting immune suppressionto elicit brain metastasis control

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The RISEbrain consortium brings together the highly complementary expertise of 6 teams with inter-sectorial (basic and clinical) and interdisciplinary focus (life sciences, computational sciences, engineering) to tackle the growing societal challenge posed by brain metastases.


RISEbrain brings together 6 partners with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Learn more about our team on our website.

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Consortium achievements*

At RISEBrain, each laboratory has achieved significant scientific achievements in their respective fields of study. Visit our website to learn more about our achievements and ongoing research.

Updating cancer research with patient-focused networks

Trends in Cancer

Tumor-targeted therapy with BRAF-inhibitor recruits activated dendritic cells to promote tumor immunity in melanoma

Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer

Tumor-infiltrating plasmacytoid dendritic cells are associated with survival in human colon cancer

J Immunother Cancer

Stratification of radiosensitive brain metastases based on an actionable S100A9/RAGE resistance mechanism. 

Monteiro, Miarka et al.
Nature Medicine

STAT3 labels a subpopulation of reactive astrocytes required for brain metastasis

Priego et al.
Nature Medicine (2018)

Prophylactic transfer of BCR-ABL-, PR1-, and WT1-reactive donor T cells after T-cell-depleted allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia


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Our RISEbrain partners have been published and featured in top media outlets and conferences. Learn more on our website.



Un estudio descubre que los tumores cerebrales ‘hackean’ la comunicación entre neuronas

Telemadrid. Video.



Neurociencia del cáncer: así secuestran los tumores el sistema nervioso para crecer más rápido

El País

Public outreach activities

Closing women’s health inequality gaps


Nanotechnology: a portable device against cervical cancer


EMBO Installation Grant, TUBITAK National Outstanding Researchers Program


AXA research fund fellowship, ETH postdoctoral fellowship